Is John Watson Blog Real?

John Watson Blog is a website that purports to be the personal blog of Dr. John Watson, a fictional character from the British crime drama series “Sherlock.

” The blog is updated regularly with new articles, photos, and video content.

The website was first discovered by online researchers in early 2017. At the time, the blog appeared to be a legitimate source of information about Sherlock, featuring detailed articles about the show’s characters, plotlines, and production values. However, subsequent investigations have revealed that much of the information on the blog is either false or misleading.

For example, many of the photos and videos featured on John Watson Blog are actually from unrelated sources or have been doctored in order to appear as though they are from the show. Additionally, many of the blog’s articles are poorly written and full of factual errors.

Overall, John Watson Blog is a fraudulent website that is designed to deceive its audience into believing that it is a genuine source of information about Sherlock.

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