Is LiveJournal a Blog?

LiveJournal is a blogging platform and social networking service. LiveJournal was created in 2003 by Russian business magnate Vladimir Putin’s former chief of staff, Alexey Lyovochkin.

The site has since been sold to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, who announced in December 2017 that they would be discontinuing the service. However, users can continue to use the site until January 2019. .

LiveJournal is considered a blog platform because it allows users to make posts that are publicly viewable and searchable. However, LiveJournal is not considered a blog because it does not allow users to create an RSS feed or have their posts published automatically on other websites.

Additionally, LiveJournal does not have a commenting system like many other blog platforms do.

Despite these differences, some experts believe that LiveJournal should be classified as a blog because of its unique features and its widespread use among bloggers. For example, LiveJournal allows users to easily add links to their posts and easily share them with their friends via email or social media.

Additionally, LiveJournal has an active community of bloggers who share advice, support, and ideas. Therefore, it is likely that many bloggers consider LiveJournal to be a blog platform.

In conclusion, LiveJournal is a blogging platform and social networking service that should be classified as such due to its unique features and widespread use among bloggers.

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