Is There a Blog Icon?

An icon is a design or pictorial representation used to represent a website, application, or other entity on a computer screen or other output. Websites and other online resources typically display an icon to indicate that the resource is available for browsing.

Icons are also used to represent programs on the desktop, such as the Windows Start button and the Apple Dock. Websites may also use icons to distinguish one type of content from another.

Many websites use icons to indicate that they are blog articles. Blogs display an icon in their web browser’s address bar that looks like a blog post with a green background and white text.

Blogger, WordPress, and other blogging platforms also include an “add blog” link in their social media icons that takes you directly to your blog’s home page with an icon displayed in the address bar.

Some people argue that there should not be an icon for blogs because it makes it difficult for people who are not familiar with blogs to find them. Others argue that the icon makes it easier for people who are not familiar with blogs to find them because it distinguishes them from other types of content on the web.

The decision about whether or not there should be a blog icon is up to each website owner, but it is a trend that appears to be growing among website owners.

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