Is Wired a Blog?

Wired magazine is often described as a blog, but is it really? Wired has been around since the late ’80s and has always been a print magazine. It ceased being a print publication in 2013, which makes it more of a blog-like format.

But even though Wired is considered a blog, it doesn’t always follow the typical blogging format.

For one, there is no daily posting schedule. And while articles are typically short and to the point, they are also well-written and often include images and videos.

Additionally, Wired is known for its in-depth coverage of technology and science topics, which makes it more akin to a magazine than a typical blog.

So while Wired may be considered a blog by some people, it definitely falls under the category of magazine journalism by others. In the end, what matters most is how people view Wired – as either a blog or as a magazine – and not whether it actually falls into one category or the other.

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