On February 20th, Google Security Blog Published an Announcement, Stating That Around 600 Apps, Including Piano Tiles 2, Were Removed From the Google Play Store for Their Violation of “Disruptive Ads Policy”. ……Why Is Piano Tiles 2 Gone?

Piano Tiles 2 was removed from the Google Play Store for its violation of “Disruptive Ads Policy”. This policy states that apps that engage in disruptive ads, such as displaying ads in the middle of the screen or continuously refreshing advertisements, will be removed from the store.

Piano Tiles 2 did not follow this policy and was consequently removed.

This policy is important for two reasons. First, it keeps the store clean and free of intrusive ads that can be annoying to users.

Second, it allows developers to focus on creating quality apps that users will enjoy, rather than focusing on making their app look good through aggressive advertising.

So what does this mean for Piano Tiles 2? Well, it means that if you have installed the app on your device, you should uninstall it immediately. If you have not installed the app but would like to do so, you can find a link to the Google Play Store page where it was removed below.

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