Should I Blog on Medium or My Own Blog?

There are pros and cons to both blogging on Medium and blogging on your own website.

Pros of Blogging on Medium:

-Medium is a well-established platform with a large audience which means your blog will be more likely to reach a wider audience.
-Medium allows you to easily share your blog posts on social media, which can help you build a following and attract new readers.

-Medium also offers some great features, such as embedded video content and the ability to embed images. These features can help you create more engaging content and increase your chances of attracting web traffic.

Cons of Blogging on Medium:
-Medium can be less personal than writing blog posts on your own website. This can make it difficult for readers to connect with you and feel like they know you.

-Some people find it harder to write long, in-depth blog posts on Medium, compared to writing shorter articles for websites like Forbes or The Huffington Post. This may limit the potential reach of your blog posts.

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