Should My Blog Be HTTPS?

When it comes to your blog, you want to make sure that you are using HTTPS. HTTPS is a security protocol that encrypts data between your computer and the website you are visiting.

When using HTTPS, your information is always protected, no matter whether you are browsing your blog on a public or private computer.

One of the benefits of using HTTPS is that cybercriminals cannot intercept your information when you are visiting your blog. In addition, when users visit a website that is using HTTPS, their browser will display a green lock in the address bar.

This signifies that the website is secure and that no third party has access to your data.

When choosing to use HTTPS for your blog, it is important to remember that not all websites support this security protocol. If you are unsure whether or not your website supports HTTPS, it is best to contact them directly.

Additionally, if you are using a public computer and visiting a website that does not support HTTPS, your information may be intercepted by hackers. In these cases, it is recommended that you use a password manager and encrypt all of your information before leaving your computer.

Overall, using HTTPS on your blog is a prudent decision for security reasons as well as user experience. When selecting a provider for SSL/TLS certificates, be sure to consider both the price as well as the provider’s support for HTTPS.

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