What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track Making a Purchase Signing Up for a Newsletter Customer’s Lifetime Value Watching Video?

Google Analytics Goals is unable to track the following types of data making it impossible to measure customer’s lifetime value, sign up for a newsletter, or watch a video:

1. Visits that do not include any activity within the goals associated with that visit (for example, a visit from an unqualified lead).

2. Signups that do not result in any subsequent visits (for example, a lead who signs up for your newsletter but never opens it).

3. Events that occur outside of the Google Analytics tracking period (for example, someone subscribing to your email list after your tracking period has ended).

4. Transactions that are not recorded by Google Analytics (for example, someone buying something from your store after visiting your website but before your tracking period begins).

The lack of data on these types of activities limits Google Analytics Goals in its ability to provide valuable insights and feedback about how marketing efforts are impacting customer behavior. Without this information, it’s difficult to make informed decisions about what marketing strategies work best and where improvements can be made.

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