What Do You Put in a Blog Header?

A blog header is the first thing people see when they visit your blog. It’s a great place to introduce your blog and let readers know what to expect. There are many different ways to create a blog header, but some popular options include:

– Title: This is the title of your blog, which should be short and easy to remember.
– Logo: Include a logo or other graphic that represents your blog. This can be a simple image or a more complex design.
– Logo Colors: Make sure the colors of your logo are consistent throughout your header.
– Blog Address: Include your blog’s URL, which will help readers find you online.
– Headlines: Use catchy headlines to draw readers in and keep them reading. Try to write headlines that are both true to what you write and interesting enough to draw people in.
– Photos: Add photos that represent your blog topic or theme.

Photos can add personality and flavor to your blog, so use them wisely!
– Posts: Show off recent posts on your blog using bold titles and images. Use bullet points or other formatting to make it easier for readers to scan through posts quickly.
– Categories: categorize your posts using headings (for example, “Blog Posts,” “Food & Drink,” “Travel”). This will help readers find posts related to their interests more easily.
– Recent Posts: Show off recent posts from specific categories or topics on your blog using bold titles and images.
– Posts by Author: List out all the authors on your blog using alphabetical order (or whatever makes sense). This can be helpful for finding articles by specific authors, as well as for following their blogs closely.

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