What Do You Put in Your Blog Header?

There are a few things that you can put in your blog header to help readers know what they’re in for when they click through. A catchy header can help draw people in, while also providing a quick overview of what you’ll be discussing on your blog. When it comes to blog headers, the sky is the limit – so feel free to be creative! Some ideas include:

-The name of your blog
-The date of your blog’s creation
-The topic of your blog (i.e. lifestyle, fashion, food, etc.)
-A quote or two about your blog’s theme or purpose
-A photograph or artwork that represents your blog’s theme or purpose
-A link to a post about your latest blog post or article
-A list of any upcoming events or guest posts you’ll be hosting

When choosing what to put in your header, it’s important to think about what will best reflect who you are as a blogger and what makes your blog unique. If you’re primarily interested in fashion, for example, using fashion images and quotes in your header might be more appropriate than focusing on lifestyle topics. Ultimately, it’s up to you – so feel free to experiment!.

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