What Happens if You Delete Your Main Blog on Tumblr?

If you delete your main blog on Tumblr, all of your blog posts, journals, and other content associated with that blog will be deleted as well. You will not be able to restore or re-upload any of this content, and any analytics or other tracking data associated with that blog will be lost.

Additionally, any followers or subscribers you may have had on your main blog will be lost as well.

This is a significant loss for anyone who has invested time and effort into building up a following on their main blog on Tumblr. It’s important to note that any blogs you create in the future using the same username and password won’t have access to all of the content from your old main blog, but they will still exist and continue to generate traffic.

If you want to keep all of your old blog posts and followers intact, it’s recommended that you create a new Tumblr account and start over from scratch.

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