What Is a Blog ID?

A blog ID is a unique identifier that you assign to your blog. This identifier is used by Google and other search engines to differentiate your blog from all the other blogs on the web.

You can use any name you want for your blog ID, but we recommend using the same name you use for your website.

To create a blog ID, log in to your Google account and click “Settings” at the top of the page. Under “Search Engine Optimization,” click “Blogger Settings.” In the “Blogger Settings” window, under “Name,” type a unique name for your blog (for example, “myblog”).

Under “Site Title,” type a title for your blog (for example, “My Blog”). Click “Create Blog ID.”.

Now that you have created your blog ID, you will need to include it in all of your blog posts and in all of your web pages. To include your blog ID in a post, type in the HTML code of the post.

To include your blog ID in a web page, type in the HTML code of the page.

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