What Is an Alumni Newsletter?

An alumni newsletter is a magazine-sized publication that is mailed to current and former students, staff, and faculty of a particular school or institution. Alumni newsletters are typically written by the school’s alumni association, and they typically include information about the school, its alumni, and the latest news and events.

They can also include articles about the school’s history, faculty, and students.

Some schools also produce electronic versions of their alumni newsletters, which are accessible online. Alumni newsletters are an important way for schools to keep their alumni informed about what’s going on at their school and to connect them with each other.

They can also be a way for schools to promote themselves to potential students and donors.

Overall, alumni newsletters are a valuable way for schools to connect with their current and former students, staff, and faculty. They can help promote the school’s mission and ideals to new audiences, and they can help keep alumni informed about the latest news and events at their school.

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