What Is Blog Snark?

Blog Snark is a term used to describe a type of writing that is critical and mocking of blogs and blogsites. It is often written by bloggers who feel that their own blog is not given enough attention or respect by other bloggers and web surfers.

Blog Snark can take the form of withering one-liners, clever insults, or outright mockery.

Blog Snark can be a powerful tool for bloggers to use in order to draw attention to their blog and give it a voice that is not always given to it. It can also be used as a way to express frustration with the blogger community and with the way that blogs are viewed by the general public.

However, Blog Snark can also be used as a way for bloggers to attack other bloggers without actually engaging in any meaningful discussion. This type of Blog Snark often takes the form of personal attacks or digs at the character of the other blogger.

Ultimately, Blog Snark is an important part of the blogging community because it allows blogs to communicate ideas and thoughts that might not otherwise be heard. It can also be used as a way for bloggers to build bridges between themselves and other bloggers who share similar interests.

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