What Is Category in Blog?

Category is a way to organize content on a blog. It’s similar to folders in a file system, but it’s an online space where you group your blog posts by topic.

This makes it easy to find your posts about a certain topic, and it also makes it easier for readers to find the posts they are looking for.

When you create a category, you should decide what is the main subject of the category. For example, you could create a category called “Parenting” and group all of your parenting posts together.

Or you could create a category called “Home & Garden” and group all of your home improvement posts together.

Once you’ve created a category, it’s important to populate it with some good content. You can either write new posts about the topic or use existing posts as inspiration for new articles.

When you add content to your category, make sure that it is relevant to the category and that it will help readers find the information they are looking for.

Category is an important part of blogging, and it can help you organize your content so that readers can easily find what they are looking for. Make sure to populate your categories with good content and make sure that each post is relevant to the category.

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