What Is Pagination on a Blog?

Pagination is the ability of a website to display a list of content items in successive pages or screens. When users click on a particular item in the list, the website displays the next page of content.

Most websites use pagination to provide users with a manageable number of pages from which to browse content. By default, most browsers display only 10 pages of any given website, and users must click on a link to view additional pages.

Some websites, such as Amazon.com, display a different number of pages based on the size of the screen that the user is using.

Pagination can be helpful for users who want to explore a large amount of content quickly. For example, if you are reading an article on a website and you want to find information about a specific topic, pagination can help you locate that information quickly.

Additionally, pagination can be helpful for users who are visiting a website for the first time and want to browse through a variety of content items.

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