What Is Protocol Newsletter?

Protocol Newsletter is a magazine that is devoted to the development and discussion of protocols, which are sets of rules for communication between computers. Protocols allow for the efficient exchange of data between systems, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sending messages between two computers, or coordinating the actions of multiple systems.

The magazine is published by the nonprofit organization ICANN, which was created in 1998 to manage the Internet’s domain name system – a vital part of the infrastructure of the Internet. ICANN oversees the development of protocols, and publishes Protocol Newsletter as a resource for researchers, developers, and others who need information about protocols.

The goal of Protocol Newsletter is to help people understand how protocols work, and to promote their use in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of computer networks. The magazine features articles about new developments in protocol design, as well as reviews of existing protocols.

It is also home to the annual protocol survey, which asks participants about their experiences using various protocols.

Overall, Protocol Newsletter is an important resource for anyone interested in the development or use of protocols. It provides an overview of current protocol developments, as well as tips and advice for using specific protocols in a variety of situations.

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