What Is the Difference Between Personal Blog and Blogger?

Personal Blogging
Personal blogging is a form of blog writing where the blogger is primarily responsible for the content of the blog. This can be contrasted with blogger platforms, such as Blogger, which allow third-party bloggers to contribute content.

In general, personal blogging is more individualistic in focus than blogger platforms, which tend to be collaborative.

One key difference between personal blogging and blogger platforms is that personal blogging is generally less formal and more conversational in tone. This can make personal blogs more accessible and engaging for readers, who may appreciate the informal nature of these blogs.

Additionally, personal bloggers are typically more self-reliant in terms of creating and maintaining their blogs than bloggers on a blogger platform. This independence can give rise to a sense of ownership and responsibility among personal bloggers, who may be more likely to take pride in their blogs than bloggers on a platform.

While there are many advantages to personal blogging, there are also some drawbacks. For example, personal bloggers may have less control over the appearance and layout of their blogs than bloggers on a platform.

Additionally, personal blogging can be time-consuming and challenging to maintain, especially if the blogger does not have regular access to computer equipment or internet access. Lastly, some readers may find personal blogs unprofessional or lackluster in comparison to more formal blogger platforms.

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