What Is the Exodus Newsletter?

The Exodus Newsletter is a Christian-based newsletter that is published monthly and has been in circulation since 1978. The newsletter’s stated purpose is to “provide Biblical teaching and encouragement to the Body of Christ.

” The newsletter is published by the Exodus International organization, which is a Christian ministry that “seeks to reach homosexual persons with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”.

The Exodus Newsletter has been criticized for its anti-gay rhetoric and its promotion of conversion therapy, which is considered to be a form of psychological torture. In 2013, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) designated Exodus International as an “anti-gay hate group” because of its views on homosexuality.

Despite the SPLC’s designation, the Exodus Newsletter still circulates and has been endorsed by prominent Christian leaders such as Rick Warren and Jerry Falwell Jr. Many of the newsletter’s readers believe that its anti-gay rhetoric is necessary in order to protect their faith.

Others argue that the rhetoric is harmful and that it demonizes gay people.

The controversy over the Exodus Newsletter highlights the complicated relationship between Christians and gay people. Some Christians believe that homosexuality is an evil lifestyle that needs to be cured, while others believe that all people are created in God’s image and deserve respect regardless of their sexuality.

The controversy also highlights the rift between conservative Christians and more liberal Christians on issues like gay rights.

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