What Should a Blog Menu Include?

A blog menu should include the following:

-An “About” section that explains what the blog is all about.
-A “Blog Home” section that allows visitors to easily find the latest posts.
-Posts in reverse chronological order.
-A “Most Recent Posts” section at the top of the page that displays the most recent posts.
-A “Topics” section that lists popular topics or subjects discussed on the blog.
-Posts by category (i.e.

“News & Politics,” “Parenting,” “Food & Drink”), or by author (i.e. John Doe, Jane Smith).
-An RSS feed link that allows readers to subscribe to updates from the blog via their favorite RSS reader.
-An email link to subscribe to posts via email.
-A contact form for readers to send comments or questions directly to the blogger. .

conclusion: A blog menu should include a description of what the blog is all about, a list of recent posts, a list of popular topics, an RSS feed link, and an email subscription link.

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