What Should (And Shouldn’t) Go in Your Blog Sidebar?

When it comes to blog sidebar design, there is no one right way to do things. However, there are a few key elements that should generally be included in any sidebar:

1. A logo or other graphic representation of your blog.

This will help readers easily identify your blog when browsing through their favorite blogs.

2. Links to your most popular posts.

This will give readers a quick and easy way to find information they’re looking for on your blog.

3. Links to related blogs and articles that you think your readers will find interesting.

This will help promote cross-blog linking and networking among bloggers, which can lead to increased traffic and exposure for your blog.

4. A widget or other type of sidebar attachment that you can use to promote your latest blog post or other content on your blog.

This can be a great way to keep readers updated on the latest happenings on your blog while they’re away from their computer screens.

5. A “about” section that provides basic information about yourself and/or your blog, such as its name, location, and contact information.

This section is often used to provide readers with a brief introduction to the content found on the blog, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the blogger behind the blog.

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