What Should I Name My Blog?

As a blogger, it is important to have a name that accurately represents your blog. If you are not sure what to call your blog, here are some ideas:

-Your Name
-Your Blog’s Name
-Your Favorite Word or Phrase (e.g. “The Joy of Cooking”)
-A Meaningful Word or Phrase (e.g. “Finding My Voice”)
-A Title from a Famous Book or Movie (e.g. “The Catcher in the Rye”)
-A Nickname for Yourself (e.g.

“Crazy Jenny”)
-A Word from Yourometown or State (e.g. “Mary’s Michigan Kitchen”)
-Something that Reflects Who You Are as a Person (e.g. “Saving the World One Recipe at a Time”) .

Once you have selected a name for your blog, make sure to use it prominently on all of your website and social media pages. It is also important to use the same name when submitting content to search engines and other online directories, so people can easily find your blog when they are looking for information about related topics.

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