Where Should I Stay in Dubai Blog?

Dubai is a city with a lot to offer, from world-class shopping to cutting-edge entertainment. There’s no one right answer for where to stay in Dubai, but here are some general tips to help you get started:

1. Consider Location – If you’re looking for a luxury stay, opt for resorts in the Palm Jumeirah or Dubai International Financial Centre areas.

If you’re more budget-conscious, consider staying in Old Town or Burj Khalifa neighbourhoods.

2. Consider Size – Dubai is huge, so it’s worth considering your needs when booking a room.

Rooms in luxury resorts can be quite expensive, while rooms in cheaper hotels can be just as comfortable.

3. Consider Amenities – Want to enjoy all that Dubai has to offer? Then make sure you take into account amenities like pools and spas.

Some hotels also offer concierge services that can help arrange activities and transportation.

4. Consider Seasonality – Dubai is a city that changes with the seasons, so be sure to factor that into your decision-making process. In the winter, temperatures can be chilly and there’s often less humidity; in the summer months, temperatures can be scorching and the humidity is high!.

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