Which Is the Largest Legal Blog Platform in India?

When it comes to legal blog platforms, India has a few options to choose from. The two most popular platforms in India are LawInIndia.com and LegalBrief.com. LawInIndia.com is the largest legal blog platform in India, with over 350,000 posts and 300,000 followers. LegalBrief.

com is also a popular platform, with over 250,000 posts and 150,000 followers. However, there are also several smaller legal blog platforms that are worth checking out. One such platform is lawtech.in, which has over 50 posts and 30 followers. It’s important to note that not all legal blog platforms are created equal – some are better suited for legal professionals who want to share their latest insights and developments in the law, while others are better suited for general audience members who just want to learn about the law without having to read through long articles. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual lawyer or law enthusiast to decide which legal blog platform is best for them.

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