Who Is AJ at Disney Food Blog?

Disney Food Blog is an online platform that covers all things Disney food-related, from reviews of new restaurants to tips for making your own Disney character meals. AJ is the blog’s founder, and she’s been writing about food since 2009.

She’s a fan of all things Disney, and her love for the company shines through in her writing.

AJ is also a food critic for Taste of Florida, where she reviews restaurants in the state. Her reviews have been featured on various websites, including Eater and Thrillist.

AJ is a well-known figure in the food blogging community, and her insights are always worth reading.

Overall, Disney Food Blog is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about Disney food. AJ’s writing is informative and entertaining, and her passion for the subject shines through every post. If you’re a fan of Disney food, you’ll definitely want to check out her site!.

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