Who Is AJ on Disney Food Blog?

AJ is a food blogger who has been writing about food for several years now. He has a blog called Disney Food Blog, which is dedicated to all things food related at Disney parks and resorts. AJ is a big fan of Disney food and loves to share his insights and experiences with readers. He is also a regular contributor to various food-related blogs and magazines, so his knowledge of Disney food is second to none.

In addition to his blog, AJ also has a cooking show on the Disney Channel called “AJ’s Kitchen.” In this show, AJ cooks recipes from around the world that are inspired by his Disney experiences. He is an entertaining and informative host, and his show is a great way to learn about new foods and cooking techniques.

Overall, AJ is an informative and entertaining food blogger who knows a lot about Disney food. His blog is a great source of information for anyone visiting Walt Disney World or planning a trip there in the future.

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