Why Did Julia Child Dislike Julie Powell’s Blog?

Julia Child was known for her cooking skills, and she was a mentor to many young cooks. One of these young cooks was Julie Powell, who published a blog in 2013 about her experiences cooking with Julia.

Julia did not enjoy Powell’s blog, and she had harsh words for it in an interview. There are several reasons why Julia may have disliked Powell’s blog.

First, Julia may have felt that Powell was not respectful of her work. Powell has written about how she attempted to mimic some of Julia’s techniques and mannerisms, which may have made Julia feel uncomfortable.

Second, Powell’s blog is full of personal anecdotes and criticism. This type of writing is not typical of cookbooks or other professional publications, and it may have made Julia feel like she was being judged constantly.

Finally, some of the recipes that Powell has shared are not very good. Julia is known for her stringent standards when it comes to food quality, and she may have felt that Powell was not living up to them.

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