Why Did Julia Child Hate Julie’s Blog?

Julia Child had a long and successful career as a chef, author and television personality. Her memoir, “My Life in French Cooking,” was published in 1978 and became a classic cookbook.

Her television show, “Julia’s Kitchen,” ran from 1985 to 1994.

In 2007, Julie Child published her memoir, “Julie and Julia: A Tale of Two Kitchens.” The book is a direct comparison of Julia Child’s French cooking techniques with Julie’s American cooking techniques.

Julia found the book to be unpalatable and unprofessional.

There are several possible reasons why Julia Child would dislike Julie’s blog. First, it could be that Julia is unhappy that Julie has been able to publicize some of the details of her personal life, including her marital problems and her recent cancer diagnosis.

Second, it is possible that Julia feels that Julie is not giving her due credit for her accomplishments. Finally, it is possible that Julia feels threatened by Julie’s popularity and success as a writer.

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