Why Is My Blog Getting So Much Spam?

There are a few reasons why your blog may be getting so much spam.

One reason is that you may be using the wrong keywords. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it’s important to use the right keywords in order to get more traffic.

You can use Google AdWords to research the best keywords to Target your blog, or you can use a paid keyword tool like Keyword Planner.

Another reason your blog may be getting spam is because you’re not setting up proper security measures. Make sure to include a CAPTCHA and enable anti-spam features like Akismet.

Additionally, make sure to add your blog address to your contact information on all of your social media profiles and website addresses. This will help prevent spam bots from Targeting your site automatically.

Finally, make sure you’re providing valuable content! People will visit blogs that offer value, not just advertisements. Write about topics that interest you and share information that others would find valuable, too.

This will help attract readers and reduce spammy traffic.

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