Why Was Meghan Markle’s Blog Called the TIG?

The “TIG” blog, which stands for “The Tig,” is Meghan Markle’s personal blog. The blog was created on October 17, 2017, and is currently inactive.

The blog’s website is currently down, but Archive.org has archived the blog’s contents.

The Tig’s purpose is unknown, but it appears to be a personal blog that was used to write about personal experiences and thoughts. The Tig also includes a section called “What I’m Reading,” which features articles that Markle has read.

One of the most interesting posts on The Tig is titled “Why I’m Proud to Be a Feminist.” In the post, Markle discusses her identity as a feminist and her understanding of the term.

She stresses the importance of feminism and its impact on society as a whole.

Overall, The Tig appears to be a personal blog that was used to share thoughts and experiences about life. It is unclear why the blog is currently inactive, but it is an interesting read nonetheless.

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