Can I Use Unsplash Images on My Blog?

Unsplash is a great resource for finding high-quality images to use on your blog. In fact, if you’re not using Unsplash images already, you should definitely start!

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Unsplash images on your blog:

1. Make sure the images are licensed properly.

Unsplash images can be used for personal or commercial purposes, but they need to be licensed properly if you want to use them on your blog. You can check the license information on each image before using it on your blog.

2. Be sure to credit the photographer(s) if you use their images.

Always give credit where credit is due! If you use an image that’s not licensed properly, or without giving credit, you may get into legal trouble.

3. Use caution when cropping images.

You can crop an image to fit your blog layout, but be sure to be careful not to cut off the photographer’s copyright information or other important elements of the image.

As long as you’re following these three tips, using Unsplash images on your blog is safe and legal!.

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