Can You Blog With a GoPro?

If you’re a GoPro enthusiast and want to blog with your camera, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure your GoPro is compatible with WordPress. GoPro supports both WordPress.

com and blogs, so it’s easy to get started.

To use your GoPro while blogging, you’ll first need to download the GoPro Media Player. This free app allows you to preview and edit videos and photos, as well as share them online. Once you’ve installed the Media Player, open it and click on the Blog tab.

You’ll see a new window that lets you choose your blog’s name and logo (or leave them both blank). Click on the Settings button and under Camera Settings, make sure your GoPro is set to Record Video in MOV or MP4 format and that the Resolution is set to HD (1080p).

Now it’s time to start blogging! To start recording video or taking photos with your GoPro, just press the button on the camera and hold it still while you do what you want to film or take a photo of. To stop recording or taking photos, just press the button again.

When you’re done filming or photographing, just click on the Stop Recording or Photo button in the Media Player window and your videos or photos will be saved to your blog.

You can also use your GoPro while blogging by using its built-in webcams. Just open the Camera menu in the Media Player window and select Webcam. You can then start recording video or taking photos right away!

Once you’ve started blogging with your GoPro, be sure to share your experiences and photos with others online by posting them on your blog or sharing them on social media using the built-in sharing features of the Media Player. And don’t forget to tag yourself and/or your GoPro in any photos or videos you post!.

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