How Do I Create a Newsletter Template in Mailchimp?

Creating a newsletter template in Mailchimp is easy. In fact, you can create a template in just a few minutes using our built-in editor.

Once you have your template created, all you need to do is fill in the details and Mailchimp will take care of the rest, creating beautiful, customized newsletters for your subscribers every time.

To create a newsletter template in Mailchimp:
1. In the left-side navigation bar of your account, click on “Templates.”
2. Click on “Create a new newsletter.”
3. In the “Design your newsletter” section, select the layout and template you want to use. You can also choose to use one of Mailchimp’s built-in templates or create your own.

4. Select the subscribers you want to email your newsletter to and enter their email addresses into the appropriate fields. You can also choose to include a message from you at the bottom of the newsletter.
5. Click on “Save.”
6. Your new newsletter template will be created and ready to use!.

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