How Do I Drive Traffic to My Blog on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking and sharing site that lets its users “pin” images or short videos to their boards, which can be shared with others. In order to drive traffic to your blog on Pinterest, you’ll need to create some interesting pins that draw in followers. There are a number of things you can do to create interesting pins:

-Pin images that depict your blog’s content in a creative way. For example, pin photos of your blog’s authors or guests writing, images of interesting articles you’ve written, or photos of your favorite recipes.

-Pin videos that illustrate your blog’s content in an entertaining way. For example, pin video interviews with your authors or guests, cooking demonstrations, or how-to guides.

-Pin images or videos that relate to the topics of your blog. For example, pin images or videos about food and cooking, fashion and lifestyle, home decorating ideas, or gardening tips.

-Pin images or videos that are relevant to the interests of your followers. For example, if your blog focuses on fashion design, pin images or videos about fashion trends and designer names.

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