How Do I Find My Blog ID?

As a blogger, you may have noticed that your blog name and logo show up on the home page, but there is no way to find your blog ID. If you are not sure what your blog ID is, it is time to find out!

To find your blog ID, go to your blog’s Settings page and under “Appearance”, click on “Blog Info”. On the next page, under “ID”, you will see a string of characters that looks something like this: “blog-123456789012.”

If you would like to keep this ID secret, you can use a unique number instead of the word “blog.” For example, if your blog’s ID is “myblog123,” you could use the number “1myblog123” or “MYBLOG123.

” If you would like to make your blog’s ID publicly available, simply replace the word “blog” with “blogger” in the string of characters shown above.

Now that you know your blog ID, make sure to use it when signing in to your blog or creating an account. You can also use this information to add custom links and icons to your blog. Finally, be sure to post a comment below if you have any questions about finding or using your blog ID!.

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