How Do I Host a Blog Tour?

A blog tour is a great way to promote your blog and get more people interested in what you have to say. There are a lot of different ways to host a blog tour, so it’s up to you what works best for your blog and your audience.

You can use a blog tour hosting service like TourBuddy or Blogging Tours International to help plan and run the tour. These services will help you create a custom itinerary for your blog followers, set up interviews with relevant bloggers, and track visitor stats.

Once you’ve created your tour, be sure to promote it! Share the details on your blog and on social media using the hashtag #blogtour. You can also email subscribers about the tour and offer bonus content if they sign up early.

Don’t forget to thank your tour partners for helping make it happen! A big thank you goes a long way in building positive relationships with bloggers.

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