How Do I Send a Newsletter in Gmail?

If you want to send a newsletter in Gmail, there are a couple of things you need to do. First, create a new Gmail account and then sign in. Next, click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the main screen and select Settings. On the Settings page, click the Accounts tab and then select your newly created Gmail account. Under “Settings for this account,” click the email forwarding button. Under “How email is forwarded,” select “Send an email as a newsletter.” In the “To” field, type your newsletter’s email address (for example,

In the “Subject” field, type a subject for your newsletter (for example, “Newsletter: New Products”). In the “Body” field, type your newsletter’s body text. Click Save Changes. Your newsletter will now be sent to your subscribers using your new Gmail account’s email address. To stop receiving your newsletter, unsubscribe from it by clicking on the link in the email it sends you or by going to your subscribed newsletters list and clicking on the unsubscribe link next to your subscription’s name. Finally, if you want to send out future newsletters using the same template without having to re-create it each time, you can save your newsletter’s content as a Google Doc and then send it as an email attachment.

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