What Happened Jezebel Blog?

On July 2, 2018, Jezebel Blog, a feminist blog founded by Anna Holmes in 2007, announced that it was ceasing operations. According to Holmes, the blog was “largely profitable” but “no longer able to cover its costs,” including salaries for its three full-time employees.

Jezebel was known for its frank and often brutal coverage of feminism, women’s issues, and pop culture. It was a vocal critic of online bullying and slut shaming, and helped to popularize the term “rape culture” in the 2010s.

In her announcement post, Holmes thanked her readers for their support over the years and wrote that she was proud of what Jezebel had accomplished: “We made a lot of people angry and frustrated but we also helped to change a lot of minds. We made people think about feminism in a new way and we made them more aware of the ways women are marginalized everyday.”

The future of Jezebel’s sister site Deadspin is uncertain.

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