What Is a Markdown Blog?

A Markdown blog is a website that uses Markdown to create the content. It is a popular format for blogs because it is easy to write and formatted like a document.

You can use a text editor to create your posts, or you can use a blogging platform like Medium.

When you create a Markdown blog, you will first need to install a Markdown editor. There are many free and paid options available, but the most popular editors are Mou (for Mac) and BEM (for Windows, Linux, and Android).

Once you have installed your editor, you will need to learn how to use it.

To create a post, you will first need to create a title and introduce yourself as the author. Next, you will write the body of your post in normal text.

You can include images, links, and other types of content as normal. To make your post look different from other posts on your blog, you will need to use the markdown formatting syntax.

To format your text using markdown, you will first need to select the text that you want to format. You can do this by selecting the text with your mouse or keyboard, or by using the keyboard shortcuts that are provided by your editor.

Next, you will need to add some basic formatting options. To add a bullet point, for example, you would type:.

[ bullet point ]

To add a list item, type:

* list item 1 * list item 2

To add an image or link, simply type:
2nd paragraph of my post with an image!

You can also use block quotes and bold text formatting similar to what is provided by most word processors. For more complex formatting needs, such as creating tables or writing in languages other than English, you will likely need to use plugins or extensions available for your editor.

Once you have finished formatting your text, you will need to save your post as a .md file.

You can do this by clicking on the “File” menu option in Mou or BEM and selecting “Save As…” Then enter “Markdown Blog” in the “File Name” field and click “Save”. Finally, you will need to publish your post on your blog using one of the blogging platforms available.

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