Did Julia Child Like Julie Powell’s Blog?

Julia Child was a legendary French chef and television personality who is credited with helping to popularize French cuisine in the United States. She was also known for her wit and humor, which she showcased in her cooking show.

Some of Julia Child’s most memorable quotes include “Anyone can cook – what you need are some ingredients and a stove” and “A cook is one who can make a delicious meal out of anything.”.

Given that Julia Child was such an accomplished chef and humorist, it’s not surprising that some people have reacted negatively to Julie Powell’s blog, which chronicles Powell’s life as a self-taught home cook. Some people feel that Powell’s blog is unprofessional and does not adhere to the high standards that Julia Child set for herself.

Others feel that Powell’s blog is charming and entertaining, providing a unique perspective on home cooking.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual reader to decide whether or not they enjoy Julie Powell’s blog. However, based on the reactions so far, it seems likely that Julia Child did not enjoy it very much.

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