How Do I Add a Mailchimp to My WordPress Blog?

Adding Mailchimp to Your WordPress Blog

If you’ve ever used Mailchimp to manage your email newsletters, you’re probably familiar with the WordPress plugin that provides this functionality. The Mailchimp plugin is a quick and easy way to add your email list to your blog.

To get started, first install the Mailchimp plugin. After that, go to the Settings page and enter your Mailchimp account information.

You’ll also need to provide your blog’s URL.

Now you can add subscribers by clicking the Add Subscriber button on the Posts or Pages tab. Enter your subscriber’s email address and click the Create Subscription button.

That’s it! Your subscribers will now receive all of your posts sent through the Mailchimp plugin.

If you want to change any of your subscriber’s information, simply click their name in the Posts or Pages list and enter new information in the fields provided. You can also unsubscribe any subscribers from posts by clicking their name and then clicking the Unsubscribe button.

Finally, be sure to check out the handy features offered by the Mailchimp plugin. For example, you can easily create custom newsletters, track which posts are driving engagement (and therefore converting), and more!

Conclusion: Adding a Mailchimp to Your WordPress Blog is Easy!.

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