How Do You Pick a Blog Name on Instagram?

When it comes to picking a blog name on Instagram, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of content do you want to share? If you’re a lifestyle blogger, maybe you could go with something like “Lifestyle By Mae.” If you’re a food blogger, perhaps “Foodie Girl Cooks” would work better. Second, what’s the tone of your blog? If you want your blog to be lighthearted and humorous, maybe “Jokes & Jokester” would be a good name. If you prefer to write about more serious topics, “The Life Coach” might be a better choice. Third, is your blog well-known or unknown? If your blog is well-known, you might not need to worry about this aspect as much.

However, if your blog is unknown, it might be helpful to choose something that sounds more like the name of your blog (e.g., “The Minimalist Baker”). Fourth, what does your name suggest about the content on your blog? If your blog is about fashion and style advice, maybe “Style Me Pretty” would work better than “My Wardrobe Stylist.” Fifth and finally, think about how people will search for your name on Instagram. For example, if you have a blog called “The Life Coach,” maybe the best option would be to choose an Instagram name that contains both “life” and “coach.” Examples include @lifecoach_ or @lifecoach_world.

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