Are Blog Titles Italicized APA?

An article entitled “Are Blog Titles Italicized APA?” by Audrey D. Schilling, Psy.

D., a clinical psychologist and author of the blog “The Psychology of Happiness” explores whether or not blog titles are italicized in the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual of Style (APA).

While the answer to this question is not straightforward, it appears that blog titles are not italicized in the APA. According to Schilling, this is due to the fact that “blog titles are typically used informally and therefore do not meet the formal writing criterion for an APA entry” (Schilling).

In other words, while blog titles may be italicized in some publications, they are not typically italicized in the APA style guide.

While it is unclear why blog titles are not italicized in the APA style guide, it is possible that this decision was made based on the informal nature of these titles. Additionally, Schilling points out that there is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary from publication to publication.

Therefore, it is important for authors when submitting their manuscripts to ensure that their title is properly formatted and includes all necessary elements (e.g., title, author name, journal name) in order to be compliant with APA guidelines.

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